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Veterans' Service Officer Pittsfield MA

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Veterans' Service Officer Pittsfield MA
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Pittsfield Memorial Day Parade 2010
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Department of Veterans' Services

Rosanne M. Frieri




" care for those that have borne the battle and their widows and orphans."

A. Lincoln

"Assisting veterans with benefits and services they have so valiantly earned by serving their Country in time of need will never go out of fashion. That's the responsibility of the veterans' services department."

Since 1861, from its first commitments to Civil War veterans, their spouses, and their dependents, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has demonstrated solid concern and compassion for those men and women who have displayed sacrifice, valor, and duty when their state and nation called upon them. The Massachusetts department of Veterans’ Services supports a network of services and benefits to ensure that none of the 657,000 veterans in Massachusetts today, who served in time of war, nor their 1.2 million dependents will go hungry, be homeless, or be medically deprived.

The City of Pittsfield Veterans Services provides a wide range of benefits and services to our veterans and eligible dependants of veterans.  In the veterans’ time of need, our office can supply benefits related to help with ordinary living expenses until other sources of income can be acquired (M.G.L. Chapter 115). We provide services related to processing VA claims including VA pensions, rehabilitation, counseling related to employment, copies of discharges as well as a variety of other areas.

The Department of Veterans' Services
The Department of Veterans Services is a mandated service in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that is specifically charged with providing services to our cherished veterans, their spouses and their dependents. Its
authority is derived from Chapter 115 of the General Laws  of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The fundamental concept of creating a structure for fiscal assistance for our veterans and dependents had it roots in legislation established in 1861. It was also a concept that became a legislative means to pay veterans. Assistance is
also rendered in matters relating to pensions, financial assistance, and filing claims with the Veterans Administration and/or Social Security, educational benefits, home loans, and medical care including prescription co-payments. Burial benefits are also available.
The mission of the Department of Veterans’ Services is to advocate on behalf of all the Commonwealth’s veterans and provide them with quality support services and to direct an emergency financial assistance program for those veterans
and their dependents who are in need.
In the City of Pittsfield, my FY 2011 budget is approximately $595,000.  Seventy-five percent of this budget is reimbursed to cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth. We have done an excellent job of outreach by getting the information out to our veterans.
This is one record of which I am very proud; and, I will continue to proactively advocate for veterans benefits.

Rededication of Soldiers & Sailors Monument
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Rosanne w Lt. Margaret H Haggerty - Oldest MA Vet
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Restoring Pittsfield's Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
On July 8, 1926, The Memorial to Pittsfield Soldiers was dedicated on a parcel of city property which today is known as Memorial Park. 
Over the years, this inspirational, bronze sculpture by Henry Augustus Lukeman, fell into disrepair.  The idea to restore the monument was initiated in 2008 by Gregor Young (Lt. Col Ret.) who gathered a group of volunteers expressing an interest in raising money to see the statue fully refurbished.
In 2009, the Committee To Restore The Monument was appointed by Mayor James M. Ruberto to become an official city entity.  At this point, the monument was turned-over to the committee.  Jeff Thompson was appointed chairman.  More members were added to compose a group of 12 members.  Within a year, the committee raised approximately $65,000 and overall greater than $75,000.
In the early fall of 2009, the original lights that had been removed years earlier were discovered at Springside Park.  With the support of several businesses, they were restored and relit.
In May 2010, Daedalus, Inc of Watertown, MA began the actual restoration of the bronze sculpture which included sculpting pieces that were broken off the monument.
Additionally, a bronze engraved plaque, telling the story of the monument, was cast and was installed at the urn in front of the monument.
On May 31, 2010, the monument was returned to the city by the committee and rededicated.  Today;  "It continues to stand as a symbolic shrine for all veterans who have served so gallantly defending thrir country in the past, present, and future."

Shroud Is Dropped Revealing The Refurbished Statue
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Lt. Margaret H. Harrgerty Unviels Plaque
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