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Elect Rosanne Frieri


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I Appreciate Your Support!


Today, running for a public office are costly endeavors.  Running for the 2nd Berkshire District is the costliest of all Representative Districts as the territory making up this district is the most vast in the Commonwealth.
As opposed to the 3rd Berkshire District which is contained within the city limits of Pittsfield, the 2nd Berkshire District is comprised of 21 towns and Ward 1 / Precinct B of Pittsfield.  It encompasses towns from 3 counties.
The expanse of the 2nd District is both obvious and at the same time subtle.
To me, more important that every vote counting, is that fact that every person in this district counts... and therefore, I want to reach out to them to meet them and learn about their concerns.  This requires a lot of travel.
The expanse of the 2nd District actually crosses several media markets all of which means that matters such as advertising must be bought in these diverse markets.  the far western towns in the 2nd are a a part of the Albany Media Market whereas the eastern towns fall into the Springfield Media Market.
The 2nd District borders 3 states.  This is correct.  Northfield is divided into west and east Northfield by the Connecticut River with the western part sharing a border with Vermont and the eastern part sharing the border with New Hampshire, which remains as one of four states that still does not collect a sales tax.
How You Can Financially Help
Your contribution to my campaign will help for me to be elected to represent you in Boston.
Actually, there are many ways through which you can support my campaign:
   In Person -- Cash, Check or Credit Card
   By Mail -- Check (please do not cash)
       You may send a check made out to
       "The Committee To Elect Rosanne Frieri"  and send that to
       117 Chestnut Street
        Richmond, MA  01254
        By Phone  Credit Card   Call 413-698-2283
        Please have credit card info including 3 digit code
FUNDRAISING  Please call 413-770-7127 to coordinate
   Coffee Meet & Greets
   Events / Parties
   Bake & Other Sales
DONATION  Please contact 413-770-7127 to coordinate
   Office Supplies
   Telephon Calling Cards
   Fuel Discounts

Thank You For Your Help