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Elect Rosanne Frieri

It's The Right Thing To Do

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It's The Right Thing To Do
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Facing The Challenges
Though There Is No Magic Button To Make Things Right,
There Is The Right Thing To Do.

My name is Rosanne Frieri; I am running for the office of State Representative.  I am a lifelong resident of our district and currently live in Richmond.
What distinguishes me from the other candidates is that I have experience in all sectors - small business, big business, the military, and local government. 
I ran my own successful small business for 20 years and worked for General Electric Corporation for 17  years.
I have 20 years of service in the Air National Guard and have a long history serving our local community.
As the Director of Veteran Services in Pittsfield, I manage a $600,000 budget.
My experience is solid and I will bring a history of success, integrity, and  honesty to this position.

If I am elected, I will fight for a number of changes which will improve the quality of life for our residents.  We need property tax reform, job creation, and lower health care costs. We need to put a stop to utility rate increases, assist small businesses, and we need to put into place policies that will stop the mass exodus from Massachusetts. We have lost businesses and some of our best people due to higher operating costs than almost any other state in the union.

If I am elected, I plan to reduce government spending, hold government accountable, fight for term limits on all government officials, and limit lobbyists for special interest groups.  I will also fight to make sure that any law passed will affect citizens and members of the legislature equally.

My experience with small business, big business, the military, and our government will benefit the people of the second Berkshire District. 

Just as I have fought successfully for our veterans, I will fight for the people of the Second Berkshire District and your right to an excellent quality of life.

In closing, I would like to leave you all with just one thought.  I have a dear friend; she is a veteran, who just turned 100 yrs old.  I asked her one day, why did you join the Army?  She paused, thought for a moment, and looked into my eyes and said,

“Because it was the right thing to do.”
I echo that sentiment in my bid to become your next state representative.  For me, it is the right thing to do, and I welcome the opportunity to serve as your voice on Beacon Hill.